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December 2007

Mazda 323 GTX

Mazda 323GTX
Mazda 323GTX

Oh yes it is. Yes yes yes yes yes. Apparently I have been a very bad boy, and Santa is punishing me. This is one I NEVER thought I would run across in the wild, and it’s FOR SALE!!! What did I do to deserve this kind of punishment?

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Flashback Friday 3: 1986 Civic DX

1986 Honda Civic DX 1

This is the first vehicle I actually legally owned. I added it up a while back and I have owned (at least partially) 25+ vehicles, not counting the other 3 I have shown in this series. That’s a lot, especially when you consider that I got this one in April of 1988. What’s even more surprising is that I had this one exclusively for the first four years. In total I put 150,000+ miles over 5 years on the little Honda that could.

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1990-93 Isuzu Amigo

Isuzu Amigo
Isuzu Amigo

The Amigo was a shortened 2-door version of the Rodeo. It was made from 1990-93, then dropped for a few years, then brought back from 1998-2003. This one is an early version which were mostly 4WD and stick shift. An automatic transmission wasn’t even offered until 1993. 

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Flashback Friday 2: The Dark Year

Caprice Estate

After the Nova was declared to be “parked” we needed transportation. We being me and my sister who was now 16 also. Mom had just taken delivery of her shiny new 1988 Accord LX, which was also declared off limits thanks to Mr. Insurance. For not quite a year my sister and I shared daily-driving duties in a set of other wheels. The first was the trusty ole wagon, a 1981 Chevrolet Caprice Estate very similar to the one below. I spent a LOT of time in that car during the 12-16 age range, which seemed so long at the time. I have discussed it here before so I’ll spare you today.

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1983-86 Mercury Marquis

Mercury Marquis
Mercury Marquis

When you see heaps like this you wonder how Ford made it past 1990. This was a rebadged Ford LTD, but not the Crown Victoria LTD, it was the Fairmont based LTD. And of course this should not be confused with the Grand Marquis.

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Volvo 240GL

I know you are thinking that I’ve really started stretching a bit for material and I guess that’s a little true. I debated about this one for weeks before I finally took these photos yesterday. I’m declaring this 240GL officially abandoned.

So what’s the big deal? Heck, I even saw several of these actually running within minutes of taking these pictures, even a wagon. I guess that’s what makes it so odd. The 240s have held up so well that it is extremely rare to see one just abandoned. If you do see one here it’s usually trashed so badly that after a parking light burned out the owner just said F-IT and left rather than spend $2.50 on a light bulb.

This one is in pretty good shape except for the the broken turn signal in front. I rarely ever see a navy blue one and it looks pretty good in that shade. The alloy wheels hint that maybe this one has a few options also. I suspect that this one wouldn’t be too hard to get running. I would be a good flip project. I’m tempted to trace the tag and offer the owner $50 for the title. Of course Wife 2.0 would have nothing of it.

All I want for Christmas

It was bound to happen sooner or later. What? A day without “Seen on the Street”. I just muffed it, didn’t really have much and got busy and forgot. Rather than back-date one I’m going to let it go, and make up for it with an extra boring version today. It has finally gotten cold here in the 205 so it is actually starting to feel like Christmas. That got me to thinking about what I want for Christmas. The easy answer is a night with two blondes, but that is so obvious that it isn’t even worth typing. So lets stick with automotive desires. That means a night with two blondes in a conversion van! Neither one of those is going to happen, so here are a few things that I REALLY WILL be getting for Christmas: Continue reading “All I want for Christmas”

Flashback Friday: 1972 Nova

Welcome to “Flashback Friday” #1. This will be an ongoing series where I elaborate on the vehicles I have had the pleasure (or not) of owning. Our “first cars” are almost always actually owned by our parents since you can’t legally one one at age 16 and are usually gone by the time you are 19. I’m going to include the 3 vehicles that I had use of during that time period also but never actually owned. Continue reading “Flashback Friday: 1972 Nova”

SOTS Revisited

The other day I noticed that several of the abandoned vehicles I have talked about here are STILL in the same spots. A few are gone now. I thought it might be interesting to do a recap of “Where are they now?” I’m tempted to get some white shoe polish and write “TOW” really big on the windows of some of them.

1979-1980 Mazda RX-7 – This one is still in the same spot, I will be shocked if it is actually moved anytime soon.

1950-1955 VW Type 2 T1 – The VW Truck has moved on, I guess the shop got it running.

1992-1996 Buick Roadmaster Estate – The barge is gone, but I have seen 3 others for sale, including a really nice white one for $1800. Man oh man would that be a fun beater! But the gas mileage would be terrible.

1977 Jeep Cherokee Chief – Jeep is gone, apparently the found a sucker… I mean buyer for it.

1990-94 Subaru Legacy – The super Sube sat for about 2 weeks total then disappeared. Either the owners came and got it or the business had it towed.

1986-87 Nissan Sentra – I still see this one in the same spot, but it doesn’t seem to get any dirtier. I still can’t decide if it’s abandoned or if the owner just loves that parking spot.

1986-87 Honda Accord LX – Still there. Just begging to be towed.

1979-91 Country Squire – Still there. I’m starting to think the Oldsmobuick next to it is abandoned also.

1984-90 Ford Bronco II – The green one is still in front of Advance. Haven’t seen the guy again, probably abandoned for good.

1972 Cadillac Sedan – Still there. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE contribute to my Caddy fund! In lieu of Christmas presents please make a donation.

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