I know you are thinking that I’ve really started stretching a bit for material and I guess that’s a little true. I debated about this one for weeks before I finally took these photos yesterday. I’m declaring this 240GL officially abandoned.

So what’s the big deal? Heck, I even saw several of these actually running within minutes of taking these pictures, even a wagon. I guess that’s what makes it so odd. The 240s have held up so well that it is extremely rare to see one just abandoned. If you do see one here it’s usually trashed so badly that after a parking light burned out the owner just said F-IT and left rather than spend $2.50 on a light bulb.

This one is in pretty good shape except for the the broken turn signal in front. I rarely ever see a navy blue one and it looks pretty good in that shade. The alloy wheels hint that maybe this one has a few options also. I suspect that this one wouldn’t be too hard to get running. I would be a good flip project. I’m tempted to trace the tag and offer the owner $50 for the title. Of course Wife 2.0 would have nothing of it.