1986 Honda Civic DX 1

This is the first vehicle I actually legally owned. I added it up a while back and I have owned (at least partially) 25+ vehicles, not counting the other 3 I have shown in this series. That’s a lot, especially when you consider that I got this one in April of 1988. What’s even more surprising is that I had this one exclusively for the first four years. In total I put 150,000+ miles over 5 years on the little Honda that could.

1986 Honda Civic DX 2

I didn’t even have any choice on this one. I was about to go off to college and Dad wanted to get me a reliable used vehicle (Honda or Toyota) that he could pay cash for. Luckily for me he found this clean used “economy car” that was 2 years old with 38,000 miles. It was a 5 speed hatchback so it got good gas mileage, and he could pay cash for it, about $6,400. He did let me go by and give it a test drive before he bought it, but I knew immediately that this would probably be the best option I would be presented with, so I wasn’t about to say no.

1986 Honda Civic DX 3

This was the beginning of a Honda love-fest that still continues today. Sure I have had MANY other brands and I’m even driving a Saturn right now. But we are about to purchase my fifth Accord which will be my eleventh Honda overall.

1986 Honda Civic DX 4

This was a great little car. It was certainly not “fast” but it sure was fun. It would have probably been a major bore if it had the automatic but with the stick it let you get the most out of it. And I did. The only repairs it ever needed were those inflicted by me such as brakes, clutch, etc. Over the years I gave it some extra parts to make it a little nicer. I had the bumpers painted like an Si version, added the lip spoiler from an Si, put on Tokico sport shocks. I even ordered an exhaust in 1990 from this little Honda tuner in California called “Jackson Racing”. You may have heard of them by now…

Oh, the stories I could tell about this one. But I will have to just invoke my rights under the 5th Amendment. I drove the DX all through college, and finally sold it for $2,500 in 1993 after being married about a year or so. It had over 180K on it and was still running strong.