The other day I noticed that several of the abandoned vehicles I have talked about here are STILL in the same spots. A few are gone now. I thought it might be interesting to do a recap of “Where are they now?” I’m tempted to get some white shoe polish and write “TOW” really big on the windows of some of them.

1979-1980 Mazda RX-7 – This one is still in the same spot, I will be shocked if it is actually moved anytime soon.

1950-1955 VW Type 2 T1 – The VW Truck has moved on, I guess the shop got it running.

1992-1996 Buick Roadmaster Estate – The barge is gone, but I have seen 3 others for sale, including a really nice white one for $1800. Man oh man would that be a fun beater! But the gas mileage would be terrible.

1977 Jeep Cherokee Chief – Jeep is gone, apparently the found a sucker… I mean buyer for it.

1990-94 Subaru Legacy – The super Sube sat for about 2 weeks total then disappeared. Either the owners came and got it or the business had it towed.

1986-87 Nissan Sentra – I still see this one in the same spot, but it doesn’t seem to get any dirtier. I still can’t decide if it’s abandoned or if the owner just loves that parking spot.

1986-87 Honda Accord LX – Still there. Just begging to be towed.

1979-91 Country Squire – Still there. I’m starting to think the Oldsmobuick next to it is abandoned also.

1984-90 Ford Bronco II – The green one is still in front of Advance. Haven’t seen the guy again, probably abandoned for good.

1972 Cadillac Sedan – Still there. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE contribute to my Caddy fund! In lieu of Christmas presents please make a donation.