Mazda 323 GTX

Mazda 323GTX

Mazda 323GTX

Oh yes it is. Yes yes yes yes yes. Apparently I have been a very bad boy, and Santa is punishing me. This is one I NEVER thought I would run across in the wild, and it’s FOR SALE!!! What did I do to deserve this kind of punishment?

Mazda 323GTX

This is a GTX. Just in case any of you don’t remember, this is the street version of Mazda’s rally car. That means it is driving all four wheels with a turbocharged 1.6L engine. Only 1,243 of these little beasts were sold in the U.S. in 1988 & 1989. This one has been fitted with a set of Rial wheels which actually look pretty nice on this one.

Mazda 323GTX

I didn’t just look at the double wing on the back though. Below is the ‘up the skirt’ shot, showing the rear axle/IRS setup that proves this isn’t just a 323 hatch with the wing on the back. I couldn’t resist of course, I had to call and find out the price. My Hispanic friend that answered the phone couldn’t tell me much other than the price. $1500. I’m going to go an cry in a corner now.

2 Responses to Mazda 323 GTX

  1. juan says:

    please answer me i give you 1650 my cell is (removed) and tell me where is the car at thank you and have a nice day

    • HotRod says:

      Ok, I’ll try to explain this again. This is NOT a site that sells cars. I DO NOT OWN this car. Also, if you read this post the date posted is clearly DECEMBER 31, 2007!! That was over 2 YEARS ago. I have no idea where this car is now and I never owned it to start with. I just saw it sitting somewhere, took pictures of it, and posted them here.
      (Note: I removed the email/phone number you posted to protect you from getting spammed.)

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