Mercury Marquis
Mercury Marquis

When you see heaps like this you wonder how Ford made it past 1990. This was a rebadged Ford LTD, but not the Crown Victoria LTD, it was the Fairmont based LTD. And of course this should not be confused with the Grand Marquis.

Due to my brilliant photo skillz you can’t see the “Marquis Brougham” badge on the back. Thanks to the web I now know that it was the top trim level, with all options that Ford had at the time. I was lucky enough to witness the owner come out of the Dollar store (seriously) and drive off in the thing. Sure enough it was an old geezer and it had one mutha of a belt squeal when he cranked it. Time to get that belt tightened Gramps. And a wash. And a wax. Nevermind, its not worth it.

Mercury Marquis Brougham Mercury Marquis Brougham

You can see him here at the stop light, proof that the heap is still mobile. I wonder who he’s talking to with those two antennae on top. This thing just wouldn’t be right without a CB radio inside.