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Junkyard Trip – April 14, 2018

Some interesting stuff in the yard today…



Nice 2010 Honda Accord EX-L


I saw this nice black 2010 Honda Accord EX-L for sale the other day.

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1990 Honda Civic DX Hatchback

1990 Honda Civic DX
1990 Honda Civic DX

Long time SOTS readers know that I have a special love for Honda Civics, especially DX 5-speed hatchbacks. Here is a 1990 version that is for sale in the area. Only 193K miles!

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Honda CRX Si

Honda CRX Si
Honda CRX Si

I found this decent CRX Si sitting in the grocery store parking lot. Like the MR2 from last week, it is rare to find one of these that hasn’t been ragged/riced to death, especially in the desirable black color. This one has a few battle scars but overall isn’t too bad, but is in need of some TLC.

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Gas Classic: 1988 Honda Civic DX

1988 Civic DX
1988 Civic DX

While I was neglecting this blog the past few months, gas prices dropped to less than half what they had been in the summer. This slowed the amazing reappearance of what I call “Gas Classics” But they are still being revived because we all know it’s only a matter of time before gas prices go back up.  Here’s one that I have actually owned:  a 1988 Honda Civic DX.

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Gas Classic: 1978-79 Honda Civic

The Gas Classic this week is near and dear to my heart.  How about this nice, clean first generation Honda Civic hatchback?  It is rare to see second generation Civics any more.  As you know, I’m a big fan of the second generation wagons, third generation hatchbacks, and fourth generation LX and DX sedans. Continue reading “Gas Classic: 1978-79 Honda Civic”

The Bomb Drops… F-150 no longer the top seller

Honda Civic, Accord, Toyota Camry and Corolla all outsell Ford F-150 for the first time in May 2008. The F-150 has been the sales leader for 17 years. Your new sales leader is… The Honda Civic. Continue reading “The Bomb Drops… F-150 no longer the top seller”

Flashback Friday 15: 1988 Honda Civic DX

Yep, another Honda Civic. By this point I had a long commute (for Montgomery) and needed something more reliable, fun to drive, and more “stealth” than the Miata, which I still had and drove mostly on weekends. Continue reading “Flashback Friday 15: 1988 Honda Civic DX”

Flashback Friday 10: The Silver Bullet

1983 Honda Civic DX Wagon

Our hero (me) is now driving a turd of an old Accord, and the wife has the shiny new Accord wagon. I had a little cash laying around, and it was clear that the old Accord would not continue to be a “going concern”. Instead, it going was a concern. Fortunately, I happened to notice (imagine that) a really cherry little 1983 Honda Civic DX wagon sitting on a dealer lot downtown. It was in great shape, had the 1500 engine (base was 1300), had working A/C, and it was a 5 Speed!!! One little problem though, they had the head “reworked” and it still didn’t run right. But it did run, and I bought it fairly cheap. I think I paid $850 for it. The photo you see here is not of mine, but an identical one. Continue reading “Flashback Friday 10: The Silver Bullet”

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