The Gas Classic this week is near and dear to my heart.  How about this nice, clean first generation Honda Civic hatchback?  It is rare to see second generation Civics any more.  As you know, I’m a big fan of the second generation wagons, third generation hatchbacks, and fourth generation LX and DX sedans.

There are several neat things about this 1978 or 79 Civic.  First are the alloy wheels, which I can almost guarantee are not original.  They are a nice addition and are obviously from the 70’s or early 80’s, so they look right on the car.  Second are the “1200” badges on the side, which mean this one has the smaller 52hp 1.2L non-CVCC engine instead of the powerhouse 60hp 1.5L CVCC engine you find in most survivors from this era.  Don’t forget the “Hondamatic” badge on the hatch, that means it has an automatic transmission, in this case a TWO speed automatic!   You can just imagine the blistering speed the combination of a 52hp engine and a two speed automatic can generate.  Before you laugh too hard, remember that these only weighed 1,500 lbs, so I bet they are still a fun drive. 

The final cool thing is the “Bart Starr Honda” badge on the hatch.  For those of you out in Internet world, that means this car was purchased new at Bart Starr Honda here in Hoover, Alabama, which is now Tameron Honda.  Most of you know Bart Starr from his days as the quarterback for the NFL Green Bay Packers.  Only the hard core fan knows that Mr. Starr was born in Montgomery, Alabama (my hometown), and played college football for the University of Alabama before playing in the NFL.  After his NFL days he returned to Alabama and among other businesses he owned Bart Starr Honda, selling it to the Tameron family in the 80’s.  Mr. Starr still lives in Hoover, Alabama, which is now more famous due to the “Two-A-Days” series on MTV.