Yep, another Honda Civic. By this point I had a long commute (for Montgomery) and needed something more reliable, fun to drive, and more “stealth” than the Miata, which I still had and drove mostly on weekends.

The obvious choice was an older four door Civic. I found this DX model with around 120k miles for $2,000. It had the black rubber bumpers, steel wheels, and lack of chrome of the base civic, but the same 1.5L engine and 5 speed transmission as the 88 Civic LX I had before. This little car was quite the sleeper, but it needed some grip badly. Luckily I knew that the new for 1990 Civic EX was the same car with a bigger 1.6L engine and the 14″ steel wheels from the Civic Si. This meant that I could buy 14″ steel wheels that were the perfect match for the Civic to replace the 13″s on lesser models.

So that’s exactly what I did. At the time, you could buy brand new steel rims from the Tire Rack as “winter spares” I think I got the set of four for $200 and had Tire Rack mount a decent set of Yokohama Avid H4’s on them. They arrived mounted and balanced, ready to bolt on. Man what a difference! And they looked like the basic silver steel wheels so there was no outward indication that there was any improvement. I put about 10,000 miles on this Civic before the opportunity appeared for my next ride. So I passed it along to it’s next owner.

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