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One Hot Saturn

That's Hot!!!
That's Hot!!!

I think it’s safe to assume that the tag on this 2000-2002 Saturn SL1 came from another vehicle. The SL1 does not even have the dual-cam engine in my SL2, so this car has never been THAT hot!


2002 Saturn SL2

2002 Saturn SL2

This page will be updated occasionally as service, maintenance, repairs, etc. are made to my “Project Saturn”. It is not really intended for anyone to read, but feel free to browse if you really do have nothing else to do. No national security secrets here…

Continue reading “2002 Saturn SL2”

Flashback Friday 14: Truckin’ Part 3

1972 Chevrolet C-10 Cheyenne

In Flashback Friday 7 you saw my first old Chevy pickup, now we have the second. I was having a big time with the new Miata, but they aren’t that great for hauling trash, or anything else.  I had also made some improvements to the Miata and had it like I wanted it.  But I had an itch to have another project, and I had some cash.  I wanted another truck, and I knew what I wanted. Continue reading “Flashback Friday 14: Truckin’ Part 3”

Back to the Future

De Lorean DMC-12

No need to tell the history of this car.  I shouldn’t even need to mention it’s name.  But then again, most people only know it as a “De Lorean” which is only the brand name, not the model.  It is actually a De Lorean DMC-12, but since this is the only model that De Lorean Motor Company built it is fine with me if you just call it a “De Lorean”. Continue reading “Back to the Future”

Gas Classic: 1984-94 Ford Tempo

Ford Tempo 1

I haven’t seen one of these in a while, and since I took these photos I have seen 3 more.  That always seems to happen when I find something for the site.   After becoming an expert on Ford Tempos (five minutes on the Internet) I am amazed at what a huge seller this thing was.  In it’s first year sales of the Tempo and it’s twin sister Mercury Topaz were 531,468. Continue reading “Gas Classic: 1984-94 Ford Tempo”

1951 Chevrolet Styleline

1951 Chevrolet Styleline

To make up for yesterday here is a double dose of S.O.T.S. I found this 1951 Chevrolet Styleline for sale last week. The sign (see photo) tells the interesting story of this survivor. If one of you out on the Interwebs wants this car, the area code is 205 so call the guy at the number on the sign. But be careful, it looks like he has a bit of an attitude! Continue reading “1951 Chevrolet Styleline”


Nissan Maxima

With the new 2009 Maxima wearing 4DSC stickers at the New York I thought it was ironic to find an original 4DSC for sale. Well not exactly, since this one has an automatic transmission.  But still, if everything works this is a great car for $1,200. Continue reading “4DSC”

Car of the Year Nominee: Malibu Wagon

Custom Malibu Wagon

I am going to plan ahead and start preparing for the end of the year, which of course means the “Seen on the Street Car of the Year”. Every single automotive publication and website has their own C.O.T.Y. (or it seems that way) so why shouldn’t “Seen on the Street“? Continue reading “Car of the Year Nominee: Malibu Wagon”

Flashback Friday 13: Topless Again

1999 Mazda Miata

So now ( 1998 ) I’m single again, and driving only my S-10 since the Protege went with the now ex-wife. Thanks to the I.T. boom and Y2K projects I now had the means to get whatever I wanted, within reason of course. As you would expect, I couldn’t just get a normal car. Continue reading “Flashback Friday 13: Topless Again”

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