I actually took these photos almost a year ago while working nights at an auto parts store. A customer arrived in this ultra-cool old VW bus. We talked about it quite a bit and I took these photos with my horrible cell phone, luckily they turned out fairly well. 

Watching this beauty roll in and out was a rare treat. It sounded great and all the lights worked. The owner’s father found this bus sitting in a lot full of old VW’s in Mississippi. The owner of the lot said it had sat there since at least the 70’s. It was a delivery vehicle for City Laundry-Cleaners, somewhere in Mississippi. He paid $200 for this beautifully aged bus, and had done no modifications other than a newer running engine, new tires, cut springs to lower it, and the necessary brake and electrical rehab to get it road worthy. He had considered painting it but it was just too cool the way it is so he left it that way.