I posted photos of the UltraVan on Thursday night. Friday morning I received an email from Owen (who commented on the post) that he thought this UltraVan was possibly chassis number 538. That would mean that this UltraVan is a 1970 model, one of the last few UltraVans built, and is not fitted with the Corvair drivetrain but with a Corvette suspension, transaxle, and a 307 cubic inch Chevy V8! That is very interesting to a car nut like myself, but that is only the beginning of the story.

I was hooked. My first car had the same 307 Chevy V8, and if I could verify the number this would make this one of the rarest of the already rare UltraVans. Owen told me where to find the ID plate, and I was off on a mission during lunch. Right away I found and photographed the ID plate, showing that this was chassis number 538. That also means that this is “Lucy”.

Lucy is famous, sort of, thanks to the book “The Freeway” written by one of her owners, Dori DeCamillis. The cover includes a photo of Lucy in much better shape in the early 90’s. Here is the Amazon link. The book is the story of 3 years spent on the road living in Lucy and traveling across America. I hear it is a good story, I have ordered the book and can’t wait to read it.

Back to Lucy… The door and rear engine access were unlocked, so I decided to take a few engine photos to verify what was currently installed, and take some current interior photos in case any of the out-of-town UltraVan fans were interested in purchasing her. Friday afternoon Dori herself heard about it thanks to Owen, and she posted a comment on my other post also. I have since sent the exact location of Lucy to Dori, who now lives/works nearby, and she said she may go by and visit Lucy this weekend. There is some serious interest in Lucy from UltraVan owners, I suspect she will be purchased and relocated to a new home very soon.