Advance Auto Parts

I have starting working a second job at Advance Auto Parts again, so I may be posting more or less, I’m not sure which yet. It would be hard to post any less than I have the last two months, so I suspect that I will end up posting more. When I worked there two years ago I found lots of good stuff to post.

Why Advance again? Obviously I love cars, especially working on them. It is better than flipping burgers and delivering pizza, although I would probably make more money delivering pizza. I will be the first to admit that most of the national parts stores are not that great, but Advance has always seemed to be a step above the others. They (we) install batteries and wiper blades, which other stores don’t do. The Advance stores are usually brighter and cleaner than the other chains, and they make an effort to try and hire decent car nuts and put parts experts in management roles. You might wonder HOW I got a job there since everyone is convinced that no one is hiring. No, the position wasn’t advertised. I got the job the same way I got one before, I walked in and asked the manager. I went back to the same store I worked at before, and they didn’t have any openings. I asked if they knew of any other stores that needed people and they said they thought this other store needed help. I went to the other store, talked to the manager, and that was it. It took a few weeks to go through the checks and drug tests, and then get scheduled, but now I’m officially working two jobs.

There are a few things to learn here for those of you out there looking for a job. I give all the credit to Dan Miller’s principles in “48 Days To The Work You Love”. Here is a brief summary, but it is really worth investigating if you are out of work or unhappy with your current job.

1) Decide WHERE you want to work, and target your search to just those companies. You have a much higher chance of being happy with your job if YOU chose your job instead of taking whatever is available. Also your genuine interest in the job will be visible to the person hiring, which will help you get the job.

2) 80% of job openings are NEVER advertised. Most companies hire from within or get referrals from employees or friends. Many managers will sit on an opening hoping someone turns up rather than dealing with the advertising & weeding out process. Some would rather not hire someone than take a chance on hiring a dud, but would hire someone who really wants the position and can express what they can do to help the company. GO ASK.

3) Present yourself as well as possible. You should not wear a suit while looking for a cashier job, but khakis and a golf shirt would not be out of line and show respect and effort. Remove all visible piercings and hide all tattoos as well as possible. Or better yet don’t get them to start with. Have a decent hair cut, etc. BRING YOUR OWN PEN. If you have done all of this the manager will probably want you to fill out an application on the spot. If you already have a pen it gives another subtle sign that you came prepared and expect to be hired, not that you were just looking for another name to put down on your Unemployment weekly list so you can get your check.