2006 Jeep Commander
2006 Jeep Commander

This morning the battery exploded in our 2006 Jeep Commander. Just over 3 years and just over 32,000 miles. My wife got in, turned the key, and there was a huge BANG.

Here are photos of the aftermath. That wet stuff is battery acid. Luckily it was at home and I was still there, so I rolled it out into the driveway and washed off all the acid and took the battery out. The paint looks fine, will replace the battery tonight. The vent tops were blown off and the side of the case was broken open. Little 1/4 inch chunks of the lead plates were scattered around amongst the acid. Hopefully that is the only damage done.

The dealer I bought it from has been shut down by Chrysler so I’m not going to even bother trying to get it covered by warranty. I’m sure it would have to be towed 20 miles to the next closest dealer, then I’d have to argue with the Dealer and Chrysler for a few days, then they MIGHT give me a new battery that is just as crappy as the one that exploded. I’m going to go pay the $129.00 for a quality AC Delco battery, take it home and install it myself and not have to worry about it for 4-6 more years. I will save all the time and hassle of not having the vehicle for a few days, and I would rather walk to work barefoot than have to deal with the dealer. I’m sure that is the way they like it.