Santana Conversion Chevy Van

Santana Chevy Van

Santana Chevy Van

Santana has done camper van conversions for years. The most famous is probably Uncle Rico’s orange Dodge van in the movie “Napoleon Dynamite”. I have seen this one in my small town numerous times but rarely is it in a good position to take a few photos. I finally caught it sitting in front of McDonald’s a few weeks ago. Boy would I love to take a ride in this thing!

santana chevy van 1

2 Responses to Santana Conversion Chevy Van

  1. Mike Moeller says:

    I just picked up a 1975 chevy open road campervan of CL for free! i would have loved to have a dodge santana, but this one will do nicely.

  2. Lynne Daj; says:

    I have a 1972, Chevy, Open Road Van Conversion. I am thinking of selling it but cannot find anywhere to see what it might be worth?? Full camper conversion, bathroom, shower, stove, oven, therostat heater, etc. In excellent condition. Runs great. No body damage..etc. How do I find out what I should ask for it??

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