Those who know me know that I have always loved to build car models despite the fact that I have only built one in the last 20 years and that was while I was out of work. Last week I correctly guessed the correct make/model of an old pickup truck found in a junkyard somewhere in Oregon. It was a question posed on my favorite automotive website, The author said he would send me a model Mazda Rotary engine that he had won on my second favorite website, And so he did!

RotaryModel2Frankly I had forgotten about it, and I thought the package sitting on the front porch today was something my wife had ordered.   Instead it was addressed to me, from a Paul Niedermeyer in Eugene, Oregon!  The photos you see here are the unopened Mazda Rotary Engine kit sitting in the HotRod Garage, in the corner devoted to my workbench, toolbox, and shelves full of miscellaneous tools and car parts. 

The tags on the wall are real vintage tags, and yes those are North Dakota tags from 1918 & 1947.  I liberated them myself from the family farm in North Dakota years ago.  Hidden by the model are Alabama tags from 1965 (blue/white) and 1971 (white/blue) that I purchased at a flea market years ago.  I have several other interesting tags, maybe I’ll do a post on them one day.  The steering wheel is an aftermarket item that spent a few years on a real 1966 GTO before being replaced by the original wheel.  The GTO’s owner is S.O.T.S. reader Lamar, he generously donated the steering wheel because he knew it would be a great addition to my wall.

My four year old daughter immediately grabbed the shipping box and dumped it in the floor.  She validated my long-held belief that kids would rather play with the package than the toy inside.  Over the next few weeks I will build the model and post updates here for all the world to see.  It says it’s motorized, so I’ll even post a video clip of it running.  Stay tuned!

RotaryModel3 RotaryModel4