Dodge Ram Vagon

Dodge Vagon

Dodge Vagon

I was just minding my own business driving down the road at lunch time last week and happened to glance over at the parking lot of a decent local Mexican restaurant. I had to look back twice to make sure I really saw what you see here, and when I realized what it was I had to go back and get some pictures.

This custom creation defies any attempt at “camino” or “chero” naming since it’s a Dodge. And since it is actually a Ram van giving it the logical “Rampage” won’t really fit either. I’m going to call it a Ram Vagon. The van started out as one of those incredibly long stretched 4 row church vans. This “conversion” is clearly construction related, no one would do this for a daily driver. It is actually a fairly smart change, it has a similar bed to a full-size long bed pickup but still has seating for 6 and room for tools in the “cab” part of the van, and there is more space in the cab than any pickup could ever hope to have. Photos do not convey the true massive scale of this “Vagon”. The next time you see a Ram Van in a parking lot, look at it hard and imagine the sheer size of this thing. I give this conversion a solid “B” grade, if the primered parts were actually painted it would get an “A”.  Or better yet… spray the whole d@mn thing with spray-in bedliner!

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