gclogoI’m sure you’ve been wondering what I’ve been up to the past two weeks. Yes, I’ve been busy. I’ve found a new hobby, which was the last thing I needed. I finally got around to giving Geocaching a try and I’m hooked. There is an automotive part to it, I have to drive to all but a few caches close to my house. I’m happy for any excuse to get out and drive especially now that it’s spring.

If you have no idea what Geocaching is, it’s like an adult techno-treasure hunt using the Internet to find and log “caches” and GPS as your directions to find the “cache”.  It’s harder than it sounds because the GPS only gets you within about a 20 foot radius at best, so you have to use the clues provided to find the sometimes tiny and well hidden “cache”.

Don’t worry, I’ve still been taking photos of cars and I have a few good ones I’ll be posting soon. I had another successful wrenching experience this weekend, with photos of course, that I’ll be posting about in a day or two also.