The Lexamino
The Lexamino

The weather was nice today so I ventured into the hinterlands of western Birmingham in search of one of the most unique rides I have seen yet… the Lexamino! Yes boys and girls, I promised to get the scoop on this marvel of… um… creativity and here it is in all it’s glory.

I know it is hard to tell in the photographs but this Lexus car truck vehicle is used as a rolling advertisement for Midfield Motor Company. I incorrectly assumed this poor LS400 was the victim of some type of accident, possibly involving a Ryder truck backing into the rear and smashing the back window and roof. That would make this conversion make sense. Fortunately for us the owner of Midfield Motors just wanted an interesting ride and inflicted his creative desires upon the unsuspecting, otherwise normal LS400 several years ago. The Lexamino was his weekend cruiser.  He eventually lost interest and turned it into the advertisement you see today.

I was disappointed to see that the bed was sealed and not a true truck-like bed. I like the clean look but think it would have been better to make it a  huge trunk lid hinged just below the back window. That way you could pop the “trunk” with the keyless remote and lift up the whole thing as one piece. The mind boggles at all the opportunities here. Why not use the back part of a 4Runner and make it an SUV/wagon? Or go the other direction… tub it, put some drag slicks under the back, and drop a small block Chevy in it? Add your ideas in the comments below…

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