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January 2009

Gas Classic: 1988 Honda Civic DX

1988 Civic DX
1988 Civic DX

While I was neglecting this blog the past few months, gas prices dropped to less than half what they had been in the summer. This slowed the amazing reappearance of what I call “Gas Classics” But they are still being revived because we all know it’s only a matter of time before gas prices go back up.  Here’s one that I have actually owned:  a 1988 Honda Civic DX.

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Slow Car Week

In case you didn’t notice, last week’s Lexamino post went “Big Time”, getting some link-love from my new best friend Chris at I have been taking a breather and letting the (website) hits roll in.  It’s gotten over 1,500 hits, but it still hasn’t surpassed this post for all time hits.  No, I have no idea why that one is so popular. Continue reading “Slow Car Week”

The Lexamino Corralled

The Lexamino
The Lexamino

The weather was nice today so I ventured into the hinterlands of western Birmingham in search of one of the most unique rides I have seen yet… the Lexamino! Yes boys and girls, I promised to get the scoop on this marvel of… um… creativity and here it is in all it’s glory.

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2000-2002 Saturn S Series

2002 Saturn SL2
2002 Saturn SL2

(Note: I’m only posting Saturns this week due to the pending death of Saturn.)  Of course I know the 2000-2002 S-Series well.  I never set out to buy another Saturn but I could not turn down the price of $400.  Of course I would have rather had a Civic, ANY Civic, but you just can’t get one that is running and isn’t completely trashed for under $2000.

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1996-1999 Saturn S Series

Nice Pair
Nice Pair

(Note: I’m only posting Saturns this week due to the pending death of Saturn.)  These guys are hard-core Saturn owners, with both the sedan and wagon.

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1994-1995 Saturn S Series

Saturn SL1
Saturn SL1

(Note: I’m only posting Saturns this week due to the pending death of Saturn.) Saturn was intent on copying the four year (at the time) refresh cycle of Honda and Toyota. The formula was simple, a completely new model every four years with a mild refresh halfway through. This meant new bumpers and hubcaps for year 3 & 4, which was 1994 & 1995.

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The Original Saturn: 1991 SL2

Saturn SL2
Saturn SL2

(Note:  I’m only posting Saturns this week due to the pending death of Saturn.)  This is the car that got Saturn started, and this was the only Saturn at first. You have probably seen hundreds of these over the years. This car is an SL2, which was the loaded-up version of the SL.  I can’t bring myself to call to get the price for it, I will want it too much.   This is a 1991, 92 or 93 model, I keep forgetting to get the VIN numbers to check.

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Saturn Is The New Oldsmobile

SaturnLatest word is that Saturn will not survive GM’s cutbacks. This has been brewing for years of course, but it has been increasingly likely the past two years. It is all but certain now. Created in 1992, Saturn probably won’t see it’s 20th Anniversary in 2012.

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Two 57 Fords

57 T-Bird & 57 Fairlane Skyliner
57 T-Bird & 57 Skyliner

This is an odd find to stumble upon while driving to lunch on a Friday. These two 1957 Fords are in showroom condition but wear normal tags instead of Antique tags, so they are probably driven often.  I will probably see them at a cruise-in eventually.

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