Another beauty from the cruise-in at the Krispy Kreme.  Sure, GTOs are great, but I just love seeing the standard models kept alive and restored also.  This was the car you actually saw on the street back then.  These, and standard Chevelles, Cutlasses, etc. were the cars that GM sold by the millions and that your Dad bought.  Think about how many V6 or non-SRT Hemi Chargers you see now compared to how many SRT versions you actually see on the road.  It was the same story with these.

This 1964 Tempest is very nice and tastefully done.  I suspect that the owner either bought it new or was his father’s car, or had one “just like it”.  I’ll try to go back and get the story on some of these cars later, it is probably shown every month.  And every car like this, that is not the “hot model”, has a good story behind it.

Bonus points for the custom arm rest & cup holder.  Notice that it is not made into the seat, but is upholstered exactly the same way so it looks like it belongs in the car. And it can be easily be tossed in the back so that your girl can sit in the middle, the way God intended!