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July 2008

Porsche 250 Photo Gallery

Here are my photos from practice on Friday, July 18, 2008. Nothing spectacular, just a lot of photos… Continue reading “Porsche 250 Photo Gallery”


Porsche 250 Practice & Qualifying

It was a beautiful day at the track on Friday. I took a few really bad videos so those of you that haven’t been could see what it looks like. Actually the video quality is so bad that it looks like what I would see if I didn’t have my contacts in. But the sound is pretty good though, so turn your speakers all the way up and see what it sounds like. Continue reading “Porsche 250 Practice & Qualifying”


One of the websites in the links on the right side of this page is Speed:Sport:Life. If you have never checked it out it is has incredibly good articles that are far better than anything you will find on this little blog. These guys are more entertaining than anything you will find in an actual “car magazine” these days either. Continue reading “Speed:Sport:Life”

Going To The Races Again

I’m off work tomorrow (Friday, July 18 ) and will be taking HotRodJunior to the pratice session of the Porsche 250 at the Barber Motorsports Park.  You know I’ll be armed with the camera, I’ll try to post a few video clips also.  And I’ll be sure to get some of Dr. McDreamy, since I know you guys are huge fans. Continue reading “Going To The Races Again”

Kia Karnage Update

Obviously something is not quite right in my life if I get so much excitement out of this.  You can not imagine the glee I experienced Tuesday night when I walked out of work and saw THIS!!!  For those of you who may have missed the earlier Kia Karnage, click here. Continue reading “Kia Karnage Update”

1992 Jeep Cherokee

Nice older Jeep Cherokees are getting harder and harder to find these days. This is exactly what I wanted to buy two years ago instead of the Commander. I cannot begin to describe the number of ways that would have been smarter… Continue reading “1992 Jeep Cherokee”

July 4th Fireworks

I guess this Audi could be described as fireworks, but the others are just good old fashioned wrecks! Nothing is more American than some fabulous car crashes. I got these actual police photos from somewhere in Long Island, NY. I’ve got to find that website again… Continue reading “July 4th Fireworks”

Pauline “P.J.” Brengelman

I know this sort of topic is probably the last thing you would expect to read on this blog, but I really can’t think of a more fitting tribute to a truly special lady.  Yesterday I got word that Pauline “P.J.” Brengelman has died.  Unfortunately I am a little late getting the word and missed the services held yesterday.  I am really sad both to hear that she has passed and that I missed the chance to pay my respects to her and George. Continue reading “Pauline “P.J.” Brengelman”

Kia Karnage

For all the drawbacks of where I work, the big bonus is all the gems in the parking lot every day.  Here we have the latest marvel of D.I.Y. engineering, an unfortunate Kia Spectra.  After plowing into Lord-only-knows-what, the “Liability Only” owner just took care of it himself.  But this one wouldn’t just “buff right out”… Continue reading “Kia Karnage”

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