Those of you who were paying attention yesterday noticed this beauty parked near the vintage 80’s Corolla. Nothing said cheap in the 80’s more than a Ford Escort.  I featured a late first generation Escort here before, this one is a bit earlier, I’d say mid-80’s.  I really need to start writing down VIN’s to decode so I can report an exact year. 

This car is just BEGGING for one of my famous wax & buff jobs.  I guarantee that the un-clear-coated red would just sparkle after a day in my garage.  O.K., maybe not sparkle, but at least shine a little.  Where there isn’t any rust.  The owner of this one gets bonus points (and maybe a pass on the lack of wax) because this Escort is a stick-shift!!!  

This car must have spent time either up north or down at the beach, because we just don’t get rust like this here in Bama.  I love how the rust caused the Ford emblem to fall off, or the emblem rubbed enough paint off to cause the rust.  It’s ironic that “Quailty is Job #1” was Ford’s motto then, and the only thing that appears to have fallen off this car after 20+ years is the Ford emblem.