Another gem from the Car Corral at the Porsche 250 at Barber’s. You don’t see many TVR’s around Alabama. This TVR 280i, also known as a Tasmin outside the U.S., is in great shape, but no amount of polish can overcome the horrid tan paint color.

Back in the mid 80’s this design was already outdated somewhat, and with only a Ford 2.8 liter V6 it didn’t have much under the hood to make up for what it lacked on the outside.  The ground effects, which look like a bad add-on kit, were actually part of the car from the factory. Considering it cost as much as a new Corvette at the time didn’t help, and very few were sold.  But then again, TVRs have always been very low volume, hand-built machines so they probably sold as many as they wanted to.  Check out the interior though, it’s a monument to 80’s squareness.