I thought I have seen more Alabama Trooper Chargers on the road recently and I guess this explains it. State troopers add to Charger fleet.

Be sure and check out the photo gallery here. There are some very good photos of the cars. The scary part, for those of us who may… uh… occasionally… accidentally… go a few MPH over the speed limit is how well they hide the lights on these “partially” marked cars, with only an emblem on the passenger side door.  

I saw one of these Friday afternoon on I-65 South around the Shelby County Airport exit.  It was a silver Charger and it looked absolutely stock as I approached.  It was on the right shoulder and was actually moving but slower than traffic.  When I passed I could see the light bars inside and recognized the State Trooper tag.  After I passed and was about 1/2 mile ahead he pulled out behind a vehicle and hit the blue lights.  I’m not sure if he was radaring behind him or just looking for things like tailgating, but traffic was heavy so I don’t think there was enough gap to pick a car out with radar.

On a lighter note, here’s a little footage of troopers driving an autocross type training course, with sirens blaring!