Porsche 356C

This nice 356 coupe was parked in the “Car Corral” area at the racetrack on Friday. I didn’t think to ask the owner what year it was, but obviously it’s from the 50’s.

I guess since I’m a “car guy” I should be expected to know more about these, but then again you already know I’m more familiar with 60’s-80’s American and Japanese machinery. This is probably the first 356 coupe I’ve ever actually been around. I’ve been around a few convertibles, and of course they are small, but you don’t really grasp how small until you see the coupe around a few good references, in this case some people and an MGB.

3 Responses to Porsche 356C

  1. duckie says:

    As Clarkson would say to Hammond, “Nice Beetle.”

  2. Jucabala says:

    This nice car was factory about 1963/1965 see in website http://www.356registry.com

  3. Albert Tinsley says:

    This 356 Porsche C 1963 actually won The Barber Motor Sports Sports Car Best Of Show, I would need to look at the trophy to see what year that was. It also won the Porsche Club of America Alabama Region Fall 2009 Extravaganza.

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