One of the websites in the links on the right side of this page is Speed:Sport:Life. If you have never checked it out it is has incredibly good articles that are far better than anything you will find on this little blog. These guys are more entertaining than anything you will find in an actual “car magazine” these days either.

The photo above comes from a recent story of renting an old Ford Tempo for small-town oval track racing.  So what?  The writer is a somewhat wealthy guy that drives a VW Phaeton and has a Porsche Boxter for a track car, which he uses very often all over the country!  So you know he is going to have some great observations on the whole oval track scene, and he does not disappoint.  If this story doesn’t hook you, you need to quit reading about cars…

From Speed:Sport:Life – It’s Only “Tempo”rary: our circle-track racing debut is somewhat upstaged by collisions between fireworks-launching schoolbuses.