Obviously something is not quite right in my life if I get so much excitement out of this.  You can not imagine the glee I experienced Tuesday night when I walked out of work and saw THIS!!!  For those of you who may have missed the earlier Kia Karnage, click here.

Yes, Kia Man hit something AGAIN.  How do you do this twice within a month or so?  Well bad driving obviously, but come on.  The bonus for me is that the “replacement” headlight must have launched itself.  He didn’t really think that tape would hold, did he? 

Since the light is gone I was able to get a good look at the mounting “material”.  What I thought was a white t-shirt actually has a nice round red-stitched 6 inch circle in the middle.  That’s right boys and girls, after wrecking it hard enough to blow the airbags the first time he recycles the air bag as the headlight mount!  See, even “hood rats” can recycle!