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July 2008

Gas Classic: Ford Escort

Those of you who were paying attention yesterday noticed this beauty parked near the vintage 80’s Corolla. Nothing said cheap in the 80’s more than a Ford Escort.  I featured a late first generation Escort here before, this one is a bit earlier, I’d say mid-80’s.  I really need to start writing down VIN’s to decode so I can report an exact year.  Continue reading “Gas Classic: Ford Escort”


SOTS Makes History: Gas Classic

I’m coining a new phrase here, mark it down in the history books: “Gas Classic”. I Googled it and got nothing so it must not already exist. Since I’m making up this term I’m going to set the definition also: Continue reading “SOTS Makes History: Gas Classic”

Gas Classic: Toyota Camry

Now that gasoline is around $10.00 per gallon (not really), people are dragging all sorts of old small cars out of their grandmother’s back yard. At least here in Alabama, the land that vehicle inspections forgot. The old clunkers that would immediately be crushed in other states happily roam the highways here. This early 1980’s Toyota Camry is one of them. Continue reading “Gas Classic: Toyota Camry”

1983-87 TVR 280i

Another gem from the Car Corral at the Porsche 250 at Barber’s. You don’t see many TVR’s around Alabama. This TVR 280i, also known as a Tasmin outside the U.S., is in great shape, but no amount of polish can overcome the horrid tan paint color. Continue reading “1983-87 TVR 280i”

Alabama Trooper Chargers

I thought I have seen more Alabama Trooper Chargers on the road recently and I guess this explains it. State troopers add to Charger fleet. Continue reading “Alabama Trooper Chargers”

LeMons South

I’m not sure how I managed to miss this awesome event happening not too far away. I would like to say I would have gone if I had known, but in my current situation there is no way I could have gone. But I will eventually make the pilgrimage and witness one of these spectacles in all it’s live glory.  Yes, it’s the 24 Hours of LeMons. Continue reading “LeMons South”

Cheapest Gas

Here is a list of the 10 Cheapest States for gasoline, based on average prices as of July 18, 2008.  Thanks to S.O.T.S. reader Duckie for the link…

Cheapest Gasoline –

2008 Dodge Challenger SRT8

This is the first Challenger I have seen.  It was nice to finally see it in the flesh, to get an idea of the scale.  It would be interesting to see it beside an original Challenger/Charger, I suspect this is quite a bit smaller.  The Challenger is definitely longer than the current Mustang, and possibly a little wider.  But it’s not as large as you would expect from photos. Continue reading “2008 Dodge Challenger SRT8”

Porsche 356C

This nice 356 coupe was parked in the “Car Corral” area at the racetrack on Friday. I didn’t think to ask the owner what year it was, but obviously it’s from the 50’s. Continue reading “Porsche 356C”

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