You have already heard about getting two new tires for the Saturn.  The other two were worn out but they were on the back wheels so the lack of tread wasn’t much of a concern.  My luck ran out two weeks ago.  If you know anything about tires you know that a tire is NOT supposed to look like this photo.

That is the actual tire after I took it off the car.  Even if you know nothing about tires you probably can figure out that something is really wrong.  This tire was about to separate completely, or “blow out”.  I have to give it a little credit though, I know exactly when it started to come apart because it started vibrating a little while on a trip to Montgomery.  It not only made it there and back, it made it down to Montgomery again the next day and halfway back before the shaking got so bad I pulled off and realized what the problem was.  So it went 300+ miles at 70+ mph which is pretty impressive.  But this thing was about to blow out any minute.  Kids, do not try this at home!