Thanks to SOTS reader David I was able to get a little on-track time at Barber Motorsports Park last weekend. This was my first time actually on the track at Barber, and it was everything I expected and then some. The track is a beautiful place to watch a race but it is even more impressive from on the track. Since I was a passenger I had a chance to look around and take it all in, and it was fantastic.

The occasion was a BMW Club “Driver Education” event. David was an Instructor for the event and one of the bribes benefits of risking your life riding with beginners is being given track time in your own ride.

The ride was Dave’s very well prepared 1993 Mustang LX 5.0.  Dave takes this car to track days all over the Eastern U.S., and has seriously upgraded just about everything under the car.  It looks fairly stock on the outside except for the Cobra wheels with race rubber and the bigger Saleen wing on the back.  But if you know anything about cars you quickly notice the roll cage, 5 point harnesses, and the fuel cell hanging out from under the back.  Yes, Dave is serious about his track days!

Dave masterfully whipped that old Fox around the track so I got to experience passing a few M3s as well as being passed by a couple of Corvette Z06s.  If there is one thing I learned it’s that a Z06 with race rubber will dominate a track day, it doesn’t matter what you bring you will have a hard time even keeping those guys in sight.