2008 BMW M5 SedanAnd you thought the M3 Sedan yesterday was a bit over the top. It’s big brother was also on display, a bad to the bone M5. I was in such awe I didn’t even get many pictures, but the back end of this thing is all anyone will see anyway.

You have to love a large sedan that comes with only a stick shift.  Well, it is an SMG, so technically not a true stick shift, but better.  Or at least that is what I have read.  Oh yeah, did I forget to point out that this thing has a V-10?  For some reason I had the bright idea to photograph the window sticker, and I’m glad I did, it’s great reading material.  Base MSRP…  $82,900.  Final MSRP as it sits here… $98,845.  WOW!  This is on my lottery list, it is the perfect high speed Q-ship to cut an hour or two off the trip to the beach house. 
2008 BMW M5 Sedan 2008 BMW M5 Sedan