BMW 128icThe local BMW dealer had a prominent display in the vendor area and provided pace cars for the AMA Superbike races at Barber Motorsports Park.  One of the display vehicles was one that I had yet to see in person, the new 1 series. 

Obviously this is a convertible version, in a nice shade of “Granny Gold” that will appeal to the female target demographic.  This is the 128, which has a normally aspirated inline six as opposed to the 135, which is the same smokin’ twin-turbo six that is in the 335 coupe and sedan.   The 1 series is supposed to be the new smaller, lighter, cheaper BMW for entry level buyers.  I just don’t see it.  It is only slightly smaller, lighter, and cheaper than the 3 series it is based off of.  This one had a sticker price of $42K, and you can get a 330ic for under $50K depending on how you option it.  $5-10K is not small change, but in this price range it doesn’t make that much difference, you might as well get the 3 series.

BMW 128ic BMW 128ic