De Lorean DMC-12

No need to tell the history of this car.  I shouldn’t even need to mention it’s name.  But then again, most people only know it as a “De Lorean” which is only the brand name, not the model.  It is actually a De Lorean DMC-12, but since this is the only model that De Lorean Motor Company built it is fine with me if you just call it a “De Lorean”.

De Lorean DMC-12

 I also shouldn’t need to mention the series of movies that it’s in, so I won’t.  This 1981 DMC-12 was spotted and photographed by S.O.T.S. reader Russell (thanks!) in Montgomery.  I believe he spoke with the owner (2nd) who said it only has 11,000 miles and was originally owned by the Armour family, known for their hot dogs.

As you can see in the interior shots the trim on the roof part of the door is removed, and markings are visible that appear to have been made at the factory.  These were pretty much hand built, so it isn’t suprising.  This one also appears to have a manual transmission, bonus points for that!

De Lorean DMC-12 De Lorean DMC-12