Ford Tempo 1

I haven’t seen one of these in a while, and since I took these photos I have seen 3 more.  That always seems to happen when I find something for the site.   After becoming an expert on Ford Tempos (five minutes on the Internet) I am amazed at what a huge seller this thing was.  In it’s first year sales of the Tempo and it’s twin sister Mercury Topaz were 531,468.

Ford Tempo 2

Over it’s 11 year run the Tempo/Topaz combination slowly dropped sales to finish 1994 with 160,797 sold, which is still a respectable number.  All together 3,701,956 of these were sold.  That is a LOT of cars.  Unfortunately they weren’t the most reliable vehicles around.  Apparently they suffer the same fate as most small, cheap cars.  As soon as something breaks they aren’t worth fixing, so they get junked.  Still, with over 3.7 million of these sold you would expect to see a lot more of these still on the road.