Jay Leno

I had a great post written for today but the photos were on my home computer and I didn’t get a chance to upload them.  So this is Plan B, but a good one.  Probably most of you reading this are familiar with the British television show Top Gear.  If you aren’t, you should be.  You may not know that NBC is planning an American version, and of course the first person they called to find a host was Jay Leno.  Although I think Jay would do a great job, Jay has now said that it’s not a great idea.  I agree, it will turn out badly.

Speaking of Jay Leno, you must check out the Jay Leno’s Garage website.  Not only can you see photos and articles about some of his cars, you can view high-quality videos of Jay explaining what makes each car special, the restoration of the car, and Jay driving the car.  This is a truly amazing resource that Jay has put on the web for free, just because he enjoys it.  I just can’t understand why some car guys don’t like Jay Leno.