Mailbox 1

These photos are from December of 2006, I just came across the photos again and thought it would make an interesting topic for those of you who enjoy vehicular mayhem. Who doesn’t? This was the mailbox for Hot Rod Headquarters (my house) after a drunk decided there was no need to stay in the street.

Mailbox 2

I found this on a Sunday morning about a week before Christmas, and someone up the street had a Christmas party the night before. But the pole wasn’t laying where it is in the photos, it was all the way over the hill at the corner! That’s right, the white line in the road was caused by the concrete ball on the pole as the offending vehicle dragged it all the way down the street. I had already retrieved the pole and laid it here when I took these photos.

Mailbox 3

This was a hard hit. The pole is three inch square steel, cemented into the ground. The mailbox was cast aluminum, and it broke apart on impact. You can see the pieces of the mailbox scattered in the grass. The drunk was never found, no one fessed up. All I know is that there were some dark green paint samples left on the pole. It was likely a truck because there were serious metal scrapes about the height of a bumper, so it was either an old car or a truck or SUV with a metal bumper. Oh yeah, it cost me $360 to get a replacement, and we are required by the neighborhood to get this type.