Truck on Pole

This week has been a wreck for me time-wise. So why not take a look at some vehicular carnage. First we have the inattentive Chevy truck driver who chose the wrong curb to run over. This yard is on a hill side just past a curve, so the wire holding the power pole is at a little straighter angle than normal. It is also apparently VERY strong, as is that pole. This is a fairly low speed location, unless I’m doing the driving. I still can’t believe the truck ran right up the wire and it didn’t break. Regular SOTS reader Dave sent me this photo, the house is across the street from his Mustang shop house.

Smashed Sign

So how do you blast straight into a huge shopping center sign? Well, if it’s wet and you take the right-hand turn too hot. It would be easy to pile on here, but the pavement is really slick here when it’s wet. I know because on the other side of that sign is where I got the Saturn sideways a few months ago in the rain. They are in no hurry to fix it either, it has been like this for six weeks now.