Nissan Maxima

With the new 2009 Maxima wearing 4DSC stickers at the New York I thought it was ironic to find an original 4DSC for sale. Well not exactly, since this one has an automatic transmission.  But still, if everything works this is a great car for $1,200.

Nissan Maxima

But this is a 1990 or 91 version, which was a huge leap forward from the boxy 80’s Asian styling of the earlier Maximas. I still see a few of these on the road so they must hold up well mechanically. The outside of this one is in pretty good shape (for it’s age) also, except for the paint being worn off the rear bumper.

2 Responses to 4DSC

  1. Duckie says:

    I have always liked the Maximer…best styling of the Accord, Camry, etc.

  2. Ronald B. says:

    The maxima is my favorite car and they wanted more than an import car they got a sports car

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