I have come across another auto-related television show that I just can’t quit watching. “Parking Wars” follows around Philadelphia Parking Authority (PPA) employees “doin their thang”. Sure, it’s not “Top Gear” but it is fascinating in that train-wreck reality show kind of way.

As you would expect, you learn to like the odd crew that goes out to ticket, boot, & tow every day. I didn’t really expect to see such horrible behavior by the public, but I’m not surprised either. I would think that someone who owes $500+ in unpaid tickets would not be shocked to get the boot but sure enough they are.

Like another of my recent favorites, “King of Cars”, this show is on A&E. Give it a look while you can, it will quickly go away as A&E’s dozens of viewers get tired of watching. I suspect I will be tired of it after 20 or 30 episodes myself.