Toyota Corolla Wagon

So you thought I was finally done with wagons for the week? Not so fast… It’s early 80’s Japanese Wagon Day! Let’s start with this red 80-ish Toyota Corolla wagon. It is sporting the brightest red that Krylon makes. Trim? No problem, just spray right over it. A certain girlfriend of mine in college had a dark blue one of these, and several of us went out on the town in it one Saturday night. By about 2:00am I needed a “nap” and somehow managed to take one in the very back. Those were the days…

Honda Civic Wagon

Or how about this awesome 80-ish Civic wagon? This one should look familiar, it is a dead ringer for The Silver Bullet. I was tempted to get out and see if it was a stick-shift, but that would be too painful if it was. Notice another rare Honda product in the back. Yep, it’s an Insight. This guy is hard core Honda, but in the frugal way.

Datsun 710 Wagon

To complete the hat trick we have a beautiful 80-ish Datsun wagon. That’s Nissan for you kiddies out there. I assumed it’s a 710 but I didn’t get a look at the back, and I can’t find a similar picture on the Interwebs anywhere. You can’t see it in the photo but it had some nice woodgrain sides, which really set off the creamy beige paint. I’ll check back in a few days to see if it’s an employee’s car, if so I must get photos of this one in all it’s glory.