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March 2008

Mailbox Tag

Mailbox 1

These photos are from December of 2006, I just came across the photos again and thought it would make an interesting topic for those of you who enjoy vehicular mayhem. Who doesn’t? This was the mailbox for Hot Rod Headquarters (my house) after a drunk decided there was no need to stay in the street. Continue reading “Mailbox Tag”


Spring Break

It’s play time!

O.K., I know that Spring Break was actually last week here in the “205”. I somehow managed to stumble through last week only missing one day of S.O.T.S. Most of the chaos was at home, not here at work, so I had a little time to squeeze in a post or four. But this week is different. It’s the end of March, and we are going live with a number of projects that require my complete attention. Continue reading “Spring Break”


Truck on Pole

This week has been a wreck for me time-wise. So why not take a look at some vehicular carnage. First we have the inattentive Chevy truck driver who chose the wrong curb to run over. This yard is on a hill side just past a curve, so the wire holding the power pole is at a little straighter angle than normal. It is also apparently VERY strong, as is that pole. This is a fairly low speed location, unless I’m doing the driving. I still can’t believe the truck ran right up the wire and it didn’t break. Regular SOTS reader Dave sent me this photo, the house is across the street from his Mustang shop house. Continue reading “Crash!”

1951 Chevrolet Styleline

1951 Chevrolet Styleline

To make up for yesterday here is a double dose of S.O.T.S. I found this 1951 Chevrolet Styleline for sale last week. The sign (see photo) tells the interesting story of this survivor. If one of you out on the Interwebs wants this car, the area code is 205 so call the guy at the number on the sign. But be careful, it looks like he has a bit of an attitude! Continue reading “1951 Chevrolet Styleline”


Nissan Maxima

With the new 2009 Maxima wearing 4DSC stickers at the New York I thought it was ironic to find an original 4DSC for sale. Well not exactly, since this one has an automatic transmission.  But still, if everything works this is a great car for $1,200. Continue reading “4DSC”

Car of the Year Nominee: Malibu Wagon

Custom Malibu Wagon

I am going to plan ahead and start preparing for the end of the year, which of course means the “Seen on the Street Car of the Year”. Every single automotive publication and website has their own C.O.T.Y. (or it seems that way) so why shouldn’t “Seen on the Street“? Continue reading “Car of the Year Nominee: Malibu Wagon”

Flashback Friday 13: Topless Again

1999 Mazda Miata

So now ( 1998 ) I’m single again, and driving only my S-10 since the Protege went with the now ex-wife. Thanks to the I.T. boom and Y2K projects I now had the means to get whatever I wanted, within reason of course. As you would expect, I couldn’t just get a normal car. Continue reading “Flashback Friday 13: Topless Again”

1972-76 Ford Courier

Ford Courier

It’s been a decade since I’ve seen one of these, and several decades since I’ve seen one this nice. The 1972 Ford Courier was a re-badged/re-grilled Mazda B-series pickup, a tradition that continues today as the Ford Ranger. As far as I can tell from the Interwebs this is either a 75 or 76 model based on the grille. Continue reading “1972-76 Ford Courier”

Review: Parking Wars


I have come across another auto-related television show that I just can’t quit watching. “Parking Wars” follows around Philadelphia Parking Authority (PPA) employees “doin their thang”. Sure, it’s not “Top Gear” but it is fascinating in that train-wreck reality show kind of way. Continue reading “Review: Parking Wars”

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