Grand Prix Special Edition

Another item on my Christmas List was the Grand Prix DVD. I finally got around to watching it in it’s entirety for the first time. Not only is it a great racing movie, it’s not that bad of a movie overall. It’s a little long (3 hours) but it actually has a good story centered around somewhat compelling characters.

In my Le Mans review I mentioned that either Le Mans or Grand Prix is considered to be the best racing movie ever depending on who you ask. Some have commented that Bullitt is better than Le Mans, and probably so. Movies like Bullitt, Ronin, The Italian Job, and Gone in 60 Seconds are great car movies but they aren’t RACING movies. That narrows the choices considerably. I can’t think of too many racing-centric movies, maybe Days of Thunder, but that’s about it.

While Grand Prix has some good racing footage of a number of different tracks, Le Mans takes it to the next level. Save Le Mans for a night when you have time to yourself so you can pause it to look at all the cool machinery and other stuff going on at the track. Grand Prix is a movie that you can put on when there is nothing else on T.V. and the wife might actually watch if she makes it past the introductory credits. I highly recommend getting the two disk Special Edition, there are several good “making of” type segments included that give a lot of insight and even interviews with drivers like Bob Bondourant and Dan Gurney.  It’s $14.99 at Amazon and worth every penny.

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