Plymouth Voyager LE

The Olds Ciera was doing well in it’s family role, but now that we had chillun it was a little cramped for a Mommy ride and started to have occasional accessory failure. Time to trade! So what do you get? A minivan of course! Not just any minivan, but a 1989 Plymouth Voyager LE in a lovely shade of bronze with beautiful woodgrain paneling on the sides. The photo you see here is identical, except for the color. And the ability to do burnouts. It was a decent van utility wise but unfortunately still had the well known build quality of 80’s Chrysler products. So after around six months we were ready to sell the P.O.S. and get a decent car.

Saturn SW2

Or wagon. We traded the Voyager on a spanking new 1996 Saturn SW2 station wagon similar to the one you see pictured here. The redesigned “jelly bean” 96 models were relatively cheap and one of the few small wagons available in 1996. The loaded SW2 had a price tag of a little over $16K. Unfortunately Saturn didn’t have the bugs worked out yet. Apparently they had cheaped out on the disk brakes, it warped the rotors if your foot even got near the brake pedal. After a few “we turned the rotors but we couldn’t find a problem” trips to the dealer within the first two weeks we took advantage of Saturn’s (since discontinued) 30-day money back “no hassle” guarantee. Yes, we had it less than 30-days.

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