Chevy Celebrity 1

If there ever was a fleet car, this was it. The 80’s Celebrity was not. Maybe in terms of overall sales for GM, because these things were everywhere. If it wasn’t a Celebrity, it was probably one of it’s fraternal twin sisters, the Oldsmobile Ciera, the Buick Century, and the Pontiac 6000. But they should have just put an emblem on them that said “CAR”.

Chevy Celebrity 2

I actually came close to buying one of these as a beater 10 years ago. It was already a sub-$2K car back then. The one you see here is a base 4 cylinder model, most of which went to a rental company or fleet when new. It is another Wal-mart orphan, been there a week or two already. This one will leave on a hook. I could track down the owner and offer the owner $20 and probably get the title.