2008 BMW M5 Space Gray

In case you missed it, there was a big-time crash last weekend in Florida that killed not only the 18 year old driver but 4 passengers also. Police estimate the car was doing over 100 mph when it flew off the embankment at the end of a private runway and stopped 200 feet away when it hit a huge tree still 15 feet off the ground. At 3:30 AM. Photos show the various pieces of the car scattered around the huge tree it hit.

I’m pretty good at picking out small details and identifying cars. The only identifiable pieces of this one were the BMW emblems. The car has been identified (by authorities) as a 2008 M5. I would hope that at least 99.99% of us would realize that giving an 18 year old a $80,000 500 horsepower car is not a great idea. In addition to the loss of his son, this father has directly contributed to the loss of four other sons. The father will also probably lose everything he owns in lawsuits filed by the other parents. And probably should.

We could have all seen this one coming. And some did. The kid had been posting on an M5 forum and had complained about a “hard shift at 140mph”. Of course some warned him this wasn’t a good idea. And since he was 18 it probably just made him want to do it more. Hopefully there won’t be a YouTube video of this crash, but I’m not holding my breath.

Edmunds Inside Line Article