Ford Escort Back

I should probably go ahead and apologize to the Ford Faithful, because I’m going to call this one what it is. A four wheeled turd. Sure, the Cavalier is/was also, so save your flames. The second generation was based on the Mazda Protege platform and was at least acceptable as basic transportation. But the first generation Escort was pure American crap.

Ford Escort Front

The fancy taillights (compared only to earlier Escorts) say this one is a 88-90, the last of the first generation. Some people will tell you that these were reliable cars if maintained at all. But most cars are. Since the first gens are a rare sight even here in Alabama where there is NO inspection says they may not be that reliable. But I suspect that these are just so dull and terrible to drive that any mechanical problem was an excuse to junk them. And that’s not even considering the fact that any repair over $100 would cost more than the car is worth. My pity goes out to the poor soul who must endure this car.