Honda 600 Sedan Front

Those of you who actually looked closely at the photos of the Honda 600 Coupe yesterday saw something odd parked behind it. A Honda 600 Sedan! It wasn’t the best day to be out at the local Honda store, but it paid off big-time.

Honda 600 Sedan Rear

Mark made a good point yesterday. I had forgotten that the name 600 came from it’s 600cc two cylinder air cooled engine. Remember that Honda started as a motorcycle company, so it made sense to start building small “city” cars with what are essentially motorcycle engines.

Honda 600 Sedan Interior

The “sedan” is larger and squarer than the coupe, and is about the same size as the original Mini. It has a neat little interior that is great if you REALLY like your passenger. Now I see where the “under dash” shifters on recent Hondas came from!