So you thought the Alfa 164L was a
decent find? That was nothing. Try an early 70’s Honda 600 Coupe! Covered in snow, in Alabama! O.K., so it’s more like a dusting of snow than “covered” in snow, but that’s the best we can do here. Even a mention of snow shuts down the city. If you are wondering WTF I was doing at a Honda stealership when it snowed then you just don’t know me that well, do you?


This great little 600 Coupe is at Brannon Honda in Birmingham. I think they had/will have it on display indoors. They are in the middle of rebuilding their showroom so their lot is in complete chaos. This is way too rare and too nice to just sit outside.


I have seen pictures of these and even saw a yellow one sitting for sale a few years ago, but I have never been close to one. It looks like I am holding the camera up for these pictures but it was actually about chest high. It is really that small. Notice the 94-97 Accords sitting on either side, they look huge in comparison. I checked the size on the tiny steel wheels. 10 inches. You read that correctly.


It looks like they have done a nice job on the outside, but the inside was still a little worn. Even a Honda dealer is going to have an extremely hard time getting parts for one of these.