Alfa Romeo 164L Front

You want rare? This Alfa 164 was ultra rare here in the U.S. even when it was new. I haven’t seen one of these in at least 10 years, and this is probably the 3rd or 4th I have ever seen. I have seen a red one (of course) and a black one, and maybe a white one. This metallic gray looks good on it, but most people probably don’t even notice it on the road. I barely saw it in the parking lot, and I was actually looking for cars to photograph.

Alfa Romeo 164L Back

I have always liked the design, especially from the back. It’s like the love child of an 80’s 3 series and an 80’s Accord, with the reliability of a Yugo.

Alfa Romeo 164L Side

“Designed by Pininfarina”. Wasn’t EVERYTHING in the 80’s?